After Suffering Nine Miscarriages, Woman's Sister Carries Her Twins

While pregnancy and childbirth can be challenging for anyone, getting pregnant can be particularly difficult for some. Women who have to endure years of miscarriages, fertility treatments, and failed rounds of IVF know more than anyone what a blessing it is to finally be able to have children.

33-year-old Melissa Kayser, from Omaha, Nebraska, had her own incredibly difficult bout with infertility. She suffered through nine miscarriages (and countless treatments and failed IVFs) before her doctors suggested she use a surrogate to have children, using her own embryos. The idea, however, made her uneasy. According to Babble,

“I was devastated because you think as women we are literally born to do one thing and that’s to reproduce and when you can’t do that one thing you feel like a failure,” Kayser shared with Inside Edition, “I didn’t know if I could emotionally handle another woman being able to carry my child.”

But all that changed when Kayser’s older sister, Lisa Auten, 35, offered to be her surrogate.

As Auten told Inside Edition, she couldn’t stand the fact that her sister was suffering from recurrent losses. “She hurt so badly and she just wanted a child so bad,” Auten shared. “If I could help give her a family, then I was going to do it.”

Image via Facebook/Melissa Kayser

Kayser had two viable embryos—one of much better quality than the other—so doctors suggested implanting both into Auten, fully expecting only one to implant. Surprisingly, both embryos took, and Auten gave birth to two beautiful, healthy little girls. And since Auten is Kayser’s sister, she was able to bond with her little ones and go to all the sonogram appointments.

There is only one small issue with the process, which the women are currently working out.

Although the babies are biologically Kayser’s, there is some red tape going on in terms of making everything official. Auten was automatically listed on the birth certificate when the girls were born, and they are still in the process of filing adoption papers. They expect Kayser to officially adopt the babies when they are 6 months old.

When Kayser’s little girls are old enough to understand, they will certainly be made aware of what a special gift their Aunt Lisa gave their family.

Image via Facebook/Melissa Kayser