Watch as a Baby Wriggles Out of Mother's Womb During a 'Gentle' C-Section

Despite what their birth plans might dictate, many new moms aren’t able to deliver their babies vaginally. Often times Cesarean sections are needed to safely deliver a child, sometimes even saving the life of the mother or baby. But some critics of C-sections say that the surgery is tough on a newborn. In response, some doctors are performing “gentle c-sections” when it is safe to do so. In these cases, an incision is still made in the lower abdomen of the laboring woman, but the baby is allowed to gently ease (or wiggle, as the case may be) itself out of the womb, similar to a natural birth. Crazy, huh?

A doctor in the UK recently documented such a birth and posted some photos of it on his Instagram account. Dr. Jham Frank Lugo has nearly 20,000 followers on the social platform and is known for posting some pretty wild pictures. In this particular case, the first short video shows the top of the baby’s head as it begins to emerge through the incision and then its entire head proceeds to pop out. There’s a photo of the baby up to the shoulders, and finally, the doctor posted a video of the baby slowly continuing to be born. Pretty incredible stuff.

In 2015, a mom shared a video (you can see and watch all of it below if you’re not too squeamish) of her baby being born via a gentle C-section.