Family of 7 Adopts 6 Siblings to Keep Them Together

Christopher and Christina Sanders, an Ohio couple with five biological children of their own, just did something incredible. They have adopted six children who are blood siblings who didn’t want to be separated. Now with a grand total of eleven children, the family is complete.

According to ABC5,

When Christopher and Christina Sanders became foster parents, they made a deal with one another: Regardless of how many children came into their home, they would do what they could to keep existing families together and not sentence children to lives of being shuffled between different households.

They kept that promise Thursday when they officially welcomed six new children — all blood siblings who wanted to remain together — into their family.

“We were having a rough life (before),” 13-year-old Caleb told Judge Ralph Winkler in the Hamilton County Adoption Court.

“And you feel like you’re in a safe place now?” Winkler asked.

Caleb nodded.

Coby, 16, Chloe, 9, Cayley, 12, Caleb, 13, Christan, 14, and Carson, 10 will all join the Sanders clan, and not surprisingly, everyone is loving the arrangement already.

“She’s the sweetest sister ever and I love her so much,” said Caitlin Sanders of the newly adopted Chloe.

And it’s not just the parents improving their children’s lives: Christopher Sanders said his new children have had a strong positive impact on him, too.

The Sanders are now in search of a 15-passenger van to accommodate the entire family. Check out the touching video below, posted to the Cincinnati Enquirer Facebook page!

Girl adopted with 5 siblings: 'This is just what I wanted'

Christina and Christopher Sanders adopted Coby, 16, Chloe, 9, Cayley, 12, Caleb, 13, Christan, 14, and Carson, 10. The couple have five biological children and now have a total of eleven children.

Posted by Enquirer – Cincinnati and Kentucky on Thursday, April 27, 2017