Tears All Around When a Teen Gives Her Stepdad Adoption Papers as a Birthday Present

No two adoption stories are alike. While many people are adopted as babies or small children, that isn’t always the case. But one thing that most adoption stories have in common is that they are often incredibly emotional and beautiful. And this one is no exception.

Sarah Leonard, 17, from Rensselaer, Ind., has had only one father-figure her entire life: her mom’s husband, Vincent VonTobel. For 15 years, Vincent has been a part of the family. He and Sarah’s mother, Jessica, have a child together and adopted another. But Vincent has shared a very special bond with Sarah since she was very young. He was the first person to take her fishing, and the two share a love for the same games and food.

Jessica had this to say:

“He has been fantastic to her ― he never treated her as a step child,” Jessica told “Then he proposed to me. He said he loved us so much and he wanted to marry me and take care of us forever. She was the flower girl at our wedding.”

When Vincent’s birthday was approaching in February, Sarah knew that she wanted to ask him to officially be her dad. So for a birthday present that Vincent would never forget, Sarah got him adoption papers to sign.

“When my daughter Sarah approached me a few weeks before his last birthday and said she wanted to give him adoption papers for his birthday, I knew we had to make this happen,” Jessica VonTobel told Caters News Agency.

What makes this story even more heartfelt is that Vincent himself had been adopted as a child. The two would surely share a bond that no one else would understand. Fortunately for the happy family, the adoption process will be completed shortly.

You can grab a tissue and watch the video below: