Check Out Ford's Amazing New Baby Cot That Simulates Car Movements

It seems like every family has at least one: a baby that won’t fall asleep at night without being driven around in the family car. Desperate, sleep-deprived parents will do almost anything to quiet a crying baby who is resisting shut-eye. But driving in the middle of the night, while often effective, is equally as exhausting (and potentially dangerous) for the parents. That’s where Ford Motors steps in.

Max Motor Cot, which was designed by the car company, is in its early stages, but it is bound to change parents’ lives for the better when it is released to the general public. The nice people at Ford took pity on tired parents and created a bassinet that is like something out of a sci-fi novel. The cot essentially mimics the motion, sounds, and lights of a car ride. But not just any car ride. The specific car ride that happens to work wonders for your particular child.

The cot connects to a smartphone app, and parents enable it while driving around with their little one. The app records the motions, light patterns, and sounds while on that drive, which can then be reproduced in the Max Motor Cot when the baby is in it.

According to the company’s video (below), the cot recreates “restrained engine noise, gentle movement imitating a car journey, and LEDs that simulate street lights.” You have to see if for yourself, and then do whatever you have to do to buy one for your colicky or otherwise sleep-resistant child whenever it is finally for sale.

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