7 Awesome Easter Crafts for Kids

With the weather beginning to warm up, and with some flowers beginning to bloom, it can only mean one thing: Easter is coming! For kids, there’s nothing more exciting in the spring than waking up to bunny tracks running throughout the house, and searching for eggs hidden in every corner on Easter morning. But what about the days leading up to the Easter Bunny’s arrival?

On a rainy day or when you just have some down time, there are plenty of crafts and activities that parents and kids can do to gear up for the arrival of that mysterious bunny, while also spending quality time together. So get your glue, safety scissors, and craft box ready, because we’ve rounded up some awesome projects to help you get into the spirit.

1. Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Sure, everyone probably has that drug-store egg-dying kit ready to go. But why limit yourself to monotone eggs decorated merely with a wax crayon? If you really want to blow their minds, try doing tie dye eggs this year with your children. The only dangerous part of it is that they’re going to request it every Easter moving forward!



2. Easter Bunny Paper Plate

This craft is pretty simple and is particularly great for your littler guys and gals. It doesn’t take much dexterity, and it’s ok if they are “creative” in the placement of the nose or googly eyes. It’s all in good fun, and they’ll feel awesome having made bunnies of their very own. You can make them even more special by having them “sign” the back with their thumbprints dipped in a little ink or paint. It will make it that much more personal.



3. Mason Jar Easter “Baskets”

Yes, the mason jar craze is a little weird, and perhaps way overdone. But why not jump on the bandwagon? These are wonderful as favors for your Easter gathering, or just for your kids to find on Easter morning. What is lovely is that you can fill the jars with whatever you’d like. Colorful jelly beans, foiled eggs, or even Peeps would look awesome next to a yummy chocolate bunny.



4. Lady Bug Rocks

Using the rocks you already have in your garden, you can have your little ones express their creativity with nothing more than a little paint. After the holiday has passed, you can put your “lady bugs” back in the garden as a colorful accent, and a sweet memento from Easter this year. Don’t forget to put the date on the bottom — you’ll look back at these in a few years and will love the memory!


5. Pipe Cleaner Bunny Ears

If you want to play dress-up, you’ll no doubt need some bunny ears. Chances are you already have pipe cleaners lying around. In just a few simple steps, your little boy or girl can become a silly rabbit. And there’s no reason to keep the color scheme to pink and white. Let your kids’ personalities shine through as they use their favorite colors for their ears.


6. Easter-Themed Breakfasts

If you’re one to have a little fun in the kitchen, then this is definitely for you. It might even be a nice treat for Easter morning. Why have regular round pancakes when with just a little more effort you can make a breakfast bunny? Don’t forget the whipped cream!


7. Easter Bunny Bookmark

For your older kids who are bookworms, this Easter Bunny bookmark might be fun to make and then use for the rest of the year. Their friends will get a kick out of it when they return to school the following week, and it will reinforce how much fun it is to read.