Homemade Slime to Blame for Another Injury

Parents beware: that homemade slime that your kids spend hours making and playing with is to blame for yet another health-related issue.

It seems pretty harmless at first glance. And most children make it and play with it over and over and never suffer any injuries. But it turns out that one of slime’s key ingredients, borax, can have various negative effects on our health, despite the lack of warnings on the container.

PJ Media previously reported that a young girl who was suffering from persistent cold symptoms and achiness was getting sick from prolonged exposure to the borax in her slime. And now another child has suffered from yet a different issue related to DIY slime.

Kathleen Quinn, 11, began experiencing intense pain in her hands after playing with slime countless times. According to USA Today:

[She] suddenly started crying in extreme pain in the middle of the night, mom Siobhan Quinn told WCVB Channel 5 in Boston. The girl had second and third-degree burns covering her hands, because of her contact with detergent booster borax, her doctor said.

A quick YouTube search produces several slime or “gak” recipes using borax mixed with glue, water and food coloring. The only caution on a box of borax is typically to avoid contact with eyes. But, extended use could cause symptoms like Kathleen’s.

While this particular story has gotten a lot of attention, it isn’t the first of its kind. Recently a mother in the UK posted on her Facebook page about a similar incident involving her child:

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make the fun, gooey slime without posing any risks to your health. Borax is not necessary when whipping up a batch. Check out the video below to learn how or find some additional Borax-free recipes here.