20 Earthy Baby Names for Crunchy, Nature-Loving Parents

1. Fawn

Fun Fact: From the Greek deity of fertility and nature, Fauna.




2. Canyon

Fun Fact: From the Spanish word cañon.





3. Willow

Fun Fact: From the Middle English wilwe, for the tree above.



4. Sky

Fun Fact: Skye is a variation, and can be used for boys or girls.




5. Raven

Fun Fact: Has risen in popularity recently thanks to the character that Jennifer Lawrence plays in the X-Men films.




6. Jade

Fun Fact: Giada is an Italian variation of the name.




7. Ivy

Fun Fact: It means “faithfulness.”




8. Iris

Fun Fact: It means “rainbow” in Greek.




9. Coral

Fun Fact: The name is actually from the small, pinkish stone and not from the coral found in the ocean.




10. Blossom

Fun Fact: The name peaked in popularity in 1991, the year after the TV show Blossom became a hit.




11. Sandy

Fun Fact: Means “protector of mankind” in Greek.




12. Luna

Fun Fact: Can be found as both a given name and a surname.




13. Cliff

Fun Fact: It is a common shortened name for Clifford or Clifton.





14. Fleur

Fun Fact: From the French, meaning “flower.”




15. River

Fun Fact: Its popularity peaked in 2016, despite the fact that River Phoenix (the most famous person with the name) died in 1993.




16. Winter

Fun Fact: Wynter is a variation, and the name dates back to the 7th century.




17. Meadow

Fun Fact: From the Old English meaning “a mown field.”




18. Soleil

Fun Fact: It means “sun” in French, and is widely known thanks to Cirque du Soleil, and actress Soleil Moon Frye.




19. Autumn

Fun Fact: Has appeared in the top 100 names for girls in the U.S. for the past 10 years.




20. Summer

Fun Fact: Has been commonly used as a name since the 1970s.

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