Hilarious Accurate 'Bachelor' Parody Is Every Parent's Search for the Perfect Babysitter

Who doesn’t have a reality TV guilty pleasure? For some, it’s the Housewives, and for others it’s a cooking competition or two. But for millions of Americans, The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is where it’s at. Which lady will get the rose? Which guy will try to woo her with sappy stories about his dead childhood puppy? Yes, it can get ridiculous.

But what if there were a Bachelor-type show for us parents? No, not for those in search of new husbands or wives. But for those in search of something that can seem far more difficult to nail down: a good babysitter.

What’s Up Moms posted a hilarious parody of The Bachelor that any parent can appreciate. With the exception of how wonderfully coiffed and pulled together the mom of two small children is, so much of this video hits the nail on the head. So if you’ve ever searched for that rare unicorn of a sitter who is great with the kids, removes crusts from PB&J sandwiches, is a good driver, and who doesn’t cancel at the last minute, then this one is for you:


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