Mom Gets Real in This Hilarious Video About Road Tripping with Small Kids

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We all try this with the best of intentions, but sadly it hardly ever works out the way we imagine. Yes, I’m talking about taking road trips with small children. Spending large amounts of time in a car en route to a fun, new destination has so much potential. It’s a great way to see different parts of the country, it provides the opportunity for ample bonding time, and it changes up the normal routine. But when it comes to doing this with toddlers and infants, it’s actually a recipe for (a sticky) disaster. It’s perhaps smarter to wait till the kids are a bit older (and in better control of their bladders) before considering locking the whole family in a moving vehicle for days on end.

One hilarious mom had an excellent understanding of how much fun chaos can ensue when traveling with small children. She and her husband created a spot-on video that captures what five days (or 20 minutes) is actually like. Be sure to watch till the end, because all of the bases are covered: snacks, potty needs, stinky diapers, and sheer exhaustion from far too many “are we theeeeeere yet?!” requests.