9 Ways to Survive Spring Break With Your Kids

It might seem as if school just started. It feels like yesterday that you were scrambling to get everything on your kids’ lists for school, buy some new outfits and shoes, and then finally get the daily routine back into swing. But believe it or not, the school year is going to be over before you know it. Before you start focusing on summer camps, it’s time to think about spring break. It’s rapidly approaching!

For some people, the idea of having their kids home from school for a full week can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. From vacations (big and small) to staycations, there are plenty of things that you can do as a family while your little ones are off. The week can be an incredible time to bond and to create memories that they (and you) will never forget.

1. Staycation Crafts

If the plan is to stay put this year, you can come up with different crafty things to do every day of the week. Make your own binoculars one day, and flower pots the next! Then you can plant seedlings and watch how big they grow by the time school is out for the summer.

2. Water Parks

You’ll get a ton of cool parent points with this one. There are countless water parks that are incredibly entertaining, and that will totally exhaust your kids. (Tired kids make for happy kids and parents, right?) If the weather is warm enough, pull out those bathing suits and hit some water slides!

3. Indoor Obstacle Course/Maze

If you have active kids, then asking them to sit and draw for an hour seems laughable. Maybe this idea is for you. You can use what you have around the house and create an elaborate obstacle course. The cool thing is that you can change it up and virtually have a different course every day of the week.

4. National Parks

Spring is a wonderful time to explore the beauty that our National Parks have to offer. Consider jumping in the car for a road trip and hitting one (or more) around the country.

5. Road Trip Boredom Help

If you do decide to take a road trip to a National Park (or some other destination) you won’t want to leave home without a plan for handling car boredom. These tips could mean the difference between a pleasant ride and “are we there yet?!” being screamed at you from the back seat every four minutes.

6. Car Travel Hacks

To make that car ride a little easier for everyone involved, you might want to check out these cool car hacks. They can make the ride much more organized and definitely less messy. Being stuck in a car with your children for several hours does not have to be a recipe for a sticky disaster.

7. Tips for Hiking With Kids

Maybe one day during the week off you and the kids can strap on some boots and go for a hike. You would be surprised at how many beautiful hikes you can find within an hour of your home. If you are going to hit the trail with them, check out these tips before heading out.

8. Fun Things to Do in D.C. With Kids

What better time than now to plan a trip to our nation’s capital? While you should definitely see all the monuments (and maybe even the cherry blossoms if they’re in bloom!), there are plenty of other fun things to do with kids while you’re there.

9. Tips for Flying With Active Kids

If a plane will be involved for whatever trip you take, make sure that you’re prepared. If you happen to have a child who likes to sleep while flying, consider yourself lucky. But if your kids are more the type to take laps up and down the aisles, you might want to have some ideas for the time spent in those close quarters with a few hundred strangers.