Mom's Care Package for Son in College Is a Box of Trash

Anyone with kids is used to repeating themselves over and over. It starts early, in the toddler years, and continues well into adulthood. I have to ask my two-year-old to do something at least ten times before I so much as get an acknowledgment that I’m even speaking. “Please pick up the truck and put it back. Jacob, get that truck please. Pick it up now. Jake, the truck. Get the truck…” You get the idea. As much as parents of young kids can hope that this sort of thing improves with time, deep down we know that it probably does not.

One mom of a Westminster College freshman had a little fun when her son failed to listen to her while he was home for the holiday break. Terri Cox asked Connor to do his chores while he was home. This included taking out the garbage. But Connor returned to school without completing this particular task. And Terri wasn’t having it.

Not long after returning to school, Connor was excited to find that a care package was sent to him by his dear mom. Maybe it would be good snack food, some home-baked goods, or a Christmas present that was forgotten in the back of the closet. Only when he opened it, he had another surprise: it was the very garbage that he had neglected to take out. Connor took to Twitter to share the awesome package that his mom sent. The post went viral. And rightfully so.

Scary Mommy had this to report:

He says he wasn’t surprised by the move: “She has a good sense of humor. She’s always really caring and she knows what to say at the exact time she should say it. She’s a good mom,” he told ABC News. That’s really sweet. And Connor has learned a lesson about where his mom’s line in the sand is. “I guess I thought I could get away with it all and have her clean it up, but she showed me otherwise,” Connor said.

The funny thing is that the garbage that Terri collected for Connor’s “care” package wasn’t even from a trash can. It was junk that was on his bedroom floor, as his sister pointed out on Twitter. Clearly, his mom had had enough of picking up after her grown son! We commend you, Terri.