Baby Gets Glasses and Sees Mommy for the First Time

There are few things in life as heartwarming as the image of a little baby smiling a huge, gummy smile at his or her mommy. When Danish mom Christine A.J Friis Rosenhøj posted a video to Instagram of that very thing recently, it went viral. So what’s the big deal, right? Kids smile at their parents all the time. This video was different.

Christine’s son, Emil, is severely farsighted. He can barely see objects that are close to his face. After enduring quite a bit, the little boy was finally able to get glasses, with a +7 prescription. (A prescription of +1 would be considered mild, and +4 moderate, so you can imagine how extreme Emil’s case is.)

In the video, as Christine places the (absolutely adorable) glasses on her baby boy, we see him slowly realize that his momma is in front of him. He connects her voice to her face and he beams with joy.

Here’s what Scary Mommy reported:

His slow-dawning realization that the person cooing in front of him is his beloved mother is a joy to behold. The Grinch and expanding heart has nothing on anyone who watches Emil’s enormous grin and happy laughter as he connects his mother’s face to her voice.

Christine A.J Friis Rosenhøj is Emil’s mother, and she posted the video to her Instagram page with the caption (translated here from the Danish): “Today is a great day. Emil got his glasses. The journey has been long and our little baby had to go through a lot to sit here and smile with his small glasses, but now they’re here.”

Now that Emil has been given the gift of sight, he can happily coo and smile at his mommy whenever he wants. And he looks incredibly cute doing it! See the heartwarming video that over 22,000 people have watched, below.