Dad and Baby Make Awesome 'Dance' Video to 'Beat It'

Anyone who has spent a long time alone with a baby knows that it can sometimes get boring. Stay-at-home parents often look for unorthodox ways to make the time pass while they hang out with their little ones. Some people play dress up, while others stage elaborate photo shoots. One dad, Adam Ballard, had some fun on his own with his young son, Miles. Adam is a podcast host, and you might recognize him from his appearance on American Ninja Warrior. It turns out that his physical skills extend far beyond just maneuvering through obstacle courses. He’s got some dance moves. By proxy at least.

While wearing Miles in a baby carrier, Adam had his baby “dance” to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”  Check out the video that the father and son duo made. Make sure to watch till the end because there isn’t just awesome dancing: you’ll see gravity-defying moves, air guitar, and even the moonwalk. Of course.

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