26-Year-Old Father Dies After Freak Tooth Infection Spreads to His Lungs

Tragedy has struck a family in Sacramento, Calif. Twenty-six-year-old Vadim Kondratyuk Anatoliyevich suffered a tooth infection that ultimately spread to his lungs. He died on Monday. The young father of two was a truck driver who had visited his dentist a couple of weeks ago for the infection. Although he was prescribed antibiotics, the medication did not work.

Not knowing how serious his condition was, he headed out on the road to New York for work. When his face started to swell, he grew increasingly ill. His brother took a cross-country trip to bring him back home, since Vadim had grown too weak to get back on his own.

Fox40 has the story:

Somewhere along the drive they checked Vadim into a Utah hospital. Four days into his stay there, Nataliya said she had a conversation with the doctors that she had no idea was coming.

“The doctor said tonight is the night he’s gonna die, because we did everything we can and nothing seems to work. It’s just the bacteria and the infection keeps growing to his lungs and they can’t clean it out,” Nataliya said.

Kondratyuk’s extended family watched on Monday night as Nataliya told FOX40 about losing the love of her life. She said that her husband was diabetic, but otherwise healthy. She said they had been together for four years.

The prospect of raising two little girls alone is daunting for Nataliya. But her family set up a memorial website to help cover the costs of the funeral and it has already raised over $60,000.

“I know he’s in heaven. He’s a happy person right now. He’s gonna be my angel for the rest of my life and he’s gonna help me through this whole time without a dad and without a husband,” Nataliya said.