Helen Skelton Has Parenting Day From Hell When Her Son Is Kicked Out of Playgroup

The first time it happens to you, you want to crawl under a rock. You chalk it up to being tired or hungry, and hope that it was a fluke. But then it happens again and again, and always in the worst place at the wrong time. And you feel like a total failure. Yep, I’m talking about kid tantrums.

Anyone who has had a child, especially one between the ages of 18 months and five 18 years, has had to deal with their kid losing it in public. It ain’t pretty. And when it’s happening, you can feel like the worst parent in the world. But the reality is that no matter how stellar you are at the parenting game, you cannot escape the moodiness of a small child. If a shoe isn’t tied just right, the wrong snack has been brought along, or you required him or her to wear pants that day, you could be in for quite a scene—especially if your baby’s fatigue or hunger is working against you as well.

And even though we all know, at least anecdotally, that it happens to everyone, you can certainly feel very alone when it’s happening to you. Helen Skelton, an English television presenter, recently had a rough day of her own. The British mom currently lives in Perpignan, France, with her husband Richie Myler (a professional rugby player) and their 19-month-old son, Ernie. Skelton unwittingly took her little man to a play group, and it all went downhill from there. She took to Instagram and Twitter in the aftermath:

Given an earlier Tweet (below), Skelton should have been prepared for something to go terribly wrong:

But luckily, the Sanctimommies were not out in force when Skelton shared her moment with the world. She got nothing but support from her followers. We have all been there, and know how mortifying it can be when your adorable little person temporarily morphs into Rosemary’s baby for an afternoon. Here are a few of the responses:


While kids will be kids, hopefully, Skelton is prepared for a few years of tantrums. She recently announced that she and her husband are expecting their second child!

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Partner in crime is right! Congratulations (and good luck!) to the beautiful family.