Utah Family Is Looking for a Nanny to Join Them on a World Tour

Ever dream of traveling the world? Did that dream become more and more elusive as you got older and had kids? (Just getting to the store is a huge challenge, never mind traveling around the globe with my little ones…) Derek and M’Kenzie Tillotson from Utah have decided to make good on their dream. They want to show their three small children the world, and they intend to do it over the course of a year, beginning this coming summer.

The Tillotson’s, while planning their epic vacation, realized that it might be difficult to fully enjoy the journey since they are outnumbered by their children. So they posted a video to YouTube (which you can watch below) in search of the perfect nanny to accompany them on their year-long voyage. The coveted position will earn one lucky person over $1,000 per month and an all-expense paid trip around the world.

According to Fox News, this is their plan:

They plan to sell their house this spring and head out in July.

“From New York City we’d go to Iceland and from Iceland into Scandinavia, and then tour the rest of Europe with our family. See places like Turkey and Croatia,” said Derek Tillotson.

Then they’ll come back to Utah for Christmas break and head west.

“January of next year, we’ll be in Hawaii and then we’ll travel into Asia and the Pacific,” said Derek Tillotson.

Not too shabby, right? Well, the Internet didn’t think so, either. In fact, the Tillotson’s have received 19,000 applications for the nanny position! (That means that the lucky person has a .005% chance of being picked—that’s way more difficult than being accepted into Harvard!)

With a pool of 19,000 to choose from, the Tillotsons have their work cut out for them.

“I thought there would be the Mary Poppins candidate and she’d fall out of the sky and she’d be so perfect for our family but we’re finding that everybody is such a great candidate,” said Derek Tillotson.

KTSU reported with some help from an Excel program that narrows down resumes, they hope to pick someone by early February.

In response to some of the answers they have received, here is what they wrote on their blog:

Here are a few funny answers and stats from the survey that you filled out. Your answers and insights have been hilarious and inspirational.

For colors:
Listing the color as your first choice 4% of you like the color Red, Beckett’s favorite color

5 of you said, “Sorry boys…it’s pink!”
one person’s favorite color is salmon
one person said raspberry pink

Out of Characters:
two people are Rex from Toy Story

one person said they are 100% the Bird from the movie Up!

Your answers are captivating on why you would like to travel with us. We’ve decided to make an in home coffee table book on this response alone. It is just for our family to enjoy and reflect upon.  We hope that is Ok.

We hope the year that the Tillotson’s have planned is full of adventure and beautiful memories, and that they find the perfect nanny for their family. They intend to update everyone on their travel, and you can find them on Facebook if you want to see what they’re up to.

Would you ever drop everything and travel for a year?

Don’t forget to check out their video below!

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