Nashville Couple Dies Within Hours of Each Other Just Days Before Christmas

“Till death do us part.” That’s one vow that we take upon getting married that is a little hard to really think about. But one could only hope that when death does come, that we will have lived long, full lives with our significant other. That was indeed the case for one Tennessee couple. Trent and Dolores Winstead met in the 1950s and hardly ever left each other’s side. According to their daughter, Sheryl, “They were opposites from each other. I think that’s what made them click.” They loved spending time together even though Trent loved to fish and his wife enjoyed cooking.

According to Scary Mommy:

Trent proposed to his wife not long after they met, in as foolproof a way as possible, according to the couple’s son Eddie: while Dolores was a bit preoccupied in the bathroom! “In order to not get a no, I guess, he waits until she’s brushing her teeth to ask her to marry him.”

Just a few weeks before Christmas this year, Trent’s kidneys began to fail. As a result, he had to be admitted into the hospital. His devoted wife stood by his side day and night, until she fell ill as well. Dolores began to experience headaches as a result of a brain aneurysm. The couple was put in a hospital room together, until Dolores passed away—just weeks shy of their 64th wedding anniversary.

When Trent and Dolores’s son, Eddie, informed his father of his mom’s passing, he had something very difficult yet important to tell him:

“I told him, I said, ‘Dad, if you want to go be with mom, that’s quite alright with Sheryl and I… [I]t was kind of like his whole spirit just changed,” said Eddie.

As Sheryl said, “It’s like God made their travel arrangements and they went together. It’s just really sweet.”

Ready to join his beloved on the other side, Trent died just a few hours after Dolores. Their funeral was held on December 23.

It is rare that we see such examples of true love. And while death did part this beautiful couple, it did so for only a very short time.