Police Sergeant Keeps Christmas Alive for Boy Whose Elf on the Shelf Was Stolen

Has your Elf on the Shelf been on any adventures lately? One owner of the doll, which has become a wildly popular Christmas tradition in households across the country, recently had a crazy story to share.

It all began when single mom Lorraine Villahermosa’s purse was stolen. Her son Jovani’s beloved Elf, Freddie, was unfortunately inside when the crime occurred. Since that particular model of Elf was a few years old, simply replacing it with a new one wasn’t an option for Lorraine. Luckily, the purse was quickly found, but it was stranded at the police precinct (with Freddie still inside) until the investigation was complete.

Lorraine knew that she had to do something since Jovani, like so many other children, would be waiting for his little friend to arrive on December 1.

Lorraine explained the situation to one of the police officers, Sgt. Jonathan Perock, who then snapped a picture with the Elf so Lorraine could bring it back to Jovani and tell him that Freddie was on a special assignment to help the police find her purse.

Meet Detective Freddie:

It’s kind of brilliant, right?

“A child shouldn’t have to be exposed to something like a purse being stolen and have to handle that,” Sgt. Perock explained. “We wanted to handle it and do it quickly so the mom had an explanation to her child.”

This police sergeant with a heart to of gold went on to snap other pictures with Freddie to help keep the magic of the season alive for Jovani. (Freddie even helped to solve some crimes by reviewing “lineup” pictures!)See what else the crime fighting duo did while Freddie hung out at the precinct!

Here’s what else the crime fighting duo did while Freddie hung out at the precinct: