The Gerber Baby Just Turned 90!

You might not know Ann Turner Cook by name, but you are most likely familiar with her face. At least, her face from nearly 90 years ago. Yep, she is the Gerber baby. And she just celebrated her 90th birthday!

When she was four months old (in 1928), Cook’s neighbor submitted a sketch of her to a Gerber contest. Ever since, she has been the face of the baby brand giant. The company trademarked the image in 1931.

Fox reports:

“The logo is the essence of who we are,” said David Yates, vice president of Gerber’s North America operations. “It is the epitome of a happy, healthy baby and the symbol of trust we have with parents. It’s everything to our company.”

The nonagenarian, who was an English teacher for much of her life, looks as good as ever—and there’s no doubt that she still resembles that classic image that has adorned millions of baby food jars over the years.

Gerber wished Ms. Cook a happy birthday in a Facebook video.

Happy birthday, Ann Turner Cook!