Kate Gosselin Opens Up About Sending Son Away for Treatment, Says Abuse Charges Unfounded

Amazingly, it’s been ten years since “Jon and Kate Plus 8” first aired on television. Recently, Kate Gosselin, the now single mother to twin 14-year-old girls and 12-year-old sextuplets (she and Jon divorced in 2009), spoke with Good Morning America about parenting.

When asked what is more challenging, raising toddlers or teenagers, she had this to say: “Some days babies would be easier, and that really scares me, because that was really hard!”

Entering its fifth season on TLC, “Kate Plus 8” has given us all a window into what can be a very hectic world of raising eight children. In the interview, Kate discusses how different she is from when the show first aired. “Wisdom and experience really makes you a better parent,” she says.

It has been reported that Colin, one of the sextuplets, is away for treatment for educational and social challenges. When asked about it, Kate mentioned that he was sent on the advice of his doctors. While difficult to have him away from home, she says “it’s the best thing I can do for him right now and that comforts me.”

Despite other reports that Kate is under investigation after Colin allegedly told the staffers at his facility that she abused him, Kate assured GMA that it was completely unfounded. She cited being in the public eye as the reason for the investigation, which is not the first she has endured over the years.

Check out more of the interview in the video on the next page to hear about Jon’s position on his son’s treatment in a facility.