Couple Honors Their 'Rainbow Baby' With Incredible Photoshoot

Lots of women choose to hire a photographer to capture their beautiful baby bumps during pregnancy. But recently, a very special photo shoot took place that also told a moving story.

Jessica Mahoney was pregnant with her second child, and her husband hired photographer JoAnn Marrero of From Labor to Love for a prenatal shoot. But this wasn’t going to be any shoot. The couple was expecting their “rainbow baby” this time around.

A rainbow baby refers to the healthy baby born after a miscarriage.

In the Mahoneys’ case, though, they experienced six heartbreaking miscarriages before Jessica successfully carried a baby to term.

For them, this shoot meant a lot.

Because of the special circumstances, JoAnn Marrero knew she had to come up with something different. The result? She used several smoke bombs of different colors to create an actual rainbow behind Jessica, and the outcome was nothing short of incredible.

The photoshoot had some mishaps, including some bombs that didn’t work and a huge mess from the powder. But that didn’t matter, because the Mahoneys were able to celebrate their second child and to honor those that they lost in a unique and special way.