10 Fun Gender Reveal Party Ideas

While some people choose to wait until birth to find out the gender of their baby, many new parents these days are opting to find out sooner rather than later. And some are having a little fun with it. Instead of just having a doctor or sonogram technician give them the big news, some moms and dads are finding out (or revealing to family and friends) in creative ways. If you want to make the reveal a little game, here are some options to consider.

Cake With Pink or Blue Icing

The standard, and oldest, way to reveal your baby’s gender is by having a cake baked with blue or pink icing. Some parents have the sonogram tech write whether it’s a boy or girl on a note in a sealed envelope. From there it’s as easy as taking that note to your local baker to have the cake made without you knowing what color icing will be needed! You’d just better hope that the baker doesn’t have a sick sense of humor and use the wrong color…

Black Balloon Popping to Reveal Color

You can order special balloons that have blue or pink papers or confetti in them. Make a photo opp of it and pop that balloon with a camera nearby to catch your reactions as you learn how your life will change in a few short months.

Nuts or No Nuts

This one is for new moms and dads who have a certain kind of humor. When you invite your guests to your reveal party, why not offer them M&Ms with nuts or no nuts before you make the big announcement?

Old Wives Tale Board

When you’re pregnant, everyone has a guess as to what you’re having based on any number of old wives tales. So before letting your friends and family know who is actually in your belly, have a little fun with them by circling which details are true for you.

Baseballs with Blue or Pink Powder

This will involve a little physical activity. You can get special baseballs and fill them with pink or blue powder (or ground-up chalk). Have one of your guests toss you a ball so that you can hit it out of the park and find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Just make sure you can actually hit the ball, or find someone who can.

Box of Balloons

Another oldie but goodie is to fill a big box with helium balloons. The pretty image of blue or pink floating up when the box is opened always makes for a good photo opp.

Shooting Darts at a Paint-Filled Balloon

This idea can get a little dangerous if you’re not careful. You can have a balloon filled with pink or blue paint, attach it to a board, and then let your guests have some fun. They can throw darts (or shoot arrows?) at the balloon until it pops to reveal the gender.

Champagne Sweethearts

You can also get cool little sugar hearts that bleed a certain color when submerged in liquid. Serve your guests champagne and have them drop their white sugar cubes into their glasses. Soon enough everyone will be drinking either pink or blue cocktails.

Pumpkin With Colored Pacifier

If you’re revealing your baby’s gender in the fall, incorporate the season by having a pumpkin’s face painted and then a colored pacifier stuck into its mouth. It makes for cute pictures and fun memories.

Gender Reveal Confetti

If you don’t mind messes too much, you can get some party poppers that shoot out blue or pink confetti. At least cleaning up this mess will be fun as you discuss potential names with your partner.