Brace Yourself ... Dried Umbilical Cord Art is Here

The birthing process has changed dramatically over the years. Women don’t necessarily opt for hospital births, as birthing centers and midwives have become viable options. Home births and water births were the next to pop up, with many women connecting much more to their newborns and the birth itself in the comfort of their own surroundings. Now women have doulas and birth coaches in addition to their partners. And in an attempt to help new moms battle postpartum depression, some swear by the benefits of eating the placenta. (This is one I personally can’t imagine doing, despite knowing a few women who have encapsulated their placentas.) I recently learned that some women are avoiding cutting the umbilical cord (literally) and walk around with the placenta in a bowl, still attached to their newborn, until it falls off naturally after 7-10 days. (You read that correctly.)

In an attempt to memorialize the birth experience, a new trend has popped up. This one has zero medical benefits (as you can argue for many of the ones above). This is purely sentimental, and quite high on the ick factor. Brace yourselves for dried umbilical cord ART. Yes, art.

From Scary Mommy:

Just good ol’ fashioned dried bodily fluids and tissue in a gold-plated frame for your decorating pleasure.

Because nothing says I-love-my-baby like a shriveled up umbilical cord on the nursey or foyer wall. Or a scripted “love” decal made of dried umbilical cord.

Check out some of the images below to get an idea of what some people are doing with their babies’ cords.

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#umbilicalcordkeepsake 💕💕 came out perfectly

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Would you be willing to give this new parenting trend a try?