5 Reasons the Words 'Back-to-School' Strike Dread in the Hearts of Parents

Going back to school can be great for most parents. You’ll have more time again to get things done, and possibly (gasp) get a moment to yourself! But with it come some challenges that many parents dread. How do you feel about some of these necessary evils that accompany the school year?

1. School Supplies Shopping

OK this might not be so bad, since I used to LOVE getting fresh new school supplies every August. But with the lists and lists of specific items from every school (which differ depending on your child’s grade and teacher), this one can drive some parents up a wall…

2. Getting Up Early to Get Everyone Ready

You haven’t had to do this in months. Even if you’re naturally an early riser, nothing compares to getting up at dawn to get yourself and your children ready before heading out the door.

3. Making Lunch

Are you the type of parent to prepare everything the night before, or wait till morning and hope for the best? Will the kids get snacks? Dessert? A balanced meal? Are you keeping tabs on food likes and dislikes, not to mention allergies? Yep, you get to do all of this EVERY DAY UNTIL JUNE!

4. The Beloved Drop-Off Line

Best to try and remain patient, and go to your happy place. Same goes for the pick-up line at the end of the day.

5. Helping Kids With Homework

Be sure to brush off your algebra, biology, and grammar skills because it’s time for countless hours of homework problems and essays! If you’re the type of parent to let your kids handle 100% of their homework duties without any help, then you’re off the hook on this one.