6 Charts That Can Get Your Kids Back Into a Routine for School

I know, you might be telling yourself that it’s still summer and that you don’t need to worry about back-to-school yet. But August flies by quickly and you’ll be gearing up for the drop-off line before you know it.

Since kids have had a few months off (with sleeping late, staying up late, and fun all day long), the idea of getting them back on a schedule for school can be overwhelming. Here are some ideas for getting everyone back into gear so that you can keep a modicum of sanity once school starts.

This evening routine will put your kids in charge of everything they have to get done before bedtime.

This cute DIY “chart” with clothespins will make it fun to “check things off” the list every day.

To help get your little ones out of the door, this chart is good to post so they can check in with it to make sure they have everything they need before heading out for school.

We can’t forget about what needs to be done after school. This simple chart will give kids a little structure for when they get home.

Of course, every family has its own needs in the morning, so this chart can be filled in with whatever you want your kids to do before school.

This helpful chart rolls morning and bedtime routines into one. No further thought needed!