10 Boxed Lunch Ideas for Back-to-School

Packing lunch everyday for your children can be tough. Chances are you’re dealing with little time, big appetites, picky eaters, allergies, or any combination all at once. While sandwiches are a good go-to option, boxed lunches can offer great variety and a chance to incorporate some healthy ingredients into your kids’ diet. Here are some ideas that you can start this year!


Remember the Lunchables that we ate as kids? Well here’s a way to do something similar for your children, but by turning up the nutrition just a notch or two…

Some parents find it difficult to get ready for work, wrangle the kids, make sure everyone is at least moderately groomed, AND make lunch in the morning. It is a tall order when you think about it. This boxed lunch is great because you can easily put it together the night before and not worry about anything being unappetizing by the time lunch actually rolls around.

Do you have an Avengers fan in your house? If you make this lunch, it will undoubtedly get eaten in an instant. Beware, though, you might have too much fun with a themed lunch and your kids might start demanding them more and more!

Speaking of themed boxed lunches, if you or your kids are big Disney fans, look no further. You can even convince the kids to help with lunch prep if they know that they’ll be recreating some of their favorite movie moments and characters!

If your child has an allergy, you know more than anyone how difficult it is to think up fun new lunches to pack everyday. This can set you in a good direction.


Ham and cheese sandwiches are SO last century. If you’re feeling ambitious, consider mini ham and cheese quiches for your kids’ lunch boxes!

Who doesn’t love pizza? Now you can put pepperoni pizza pockets in your kids’ boxes. They’re guaranteed to be empty by the end of the day.

If your kid is tired of sandwiches day in and day out, consider these non-sandwich options for lunch. You can make them healthy and appetizing.

While you’re busy packing lunch for the kids, don’t forget about yourself! Here are some good ideas for adult boxed lunches! Your children might even eat some of them…


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