Toddler With 'Worst Case of Chickenpox EVER Seen' Turned Away From Doctors

(Image via Twitter screenshot)

Watching your child suffer from a sickness can be heart-wrenching for a parent. One British mom got way more than she bargained for when her 2-year-old son, Jasper, came down with the worst case of chickenpox his doctors have ever seen.

Sarah, 36, called her doctor when Jasper started showing signs of the virus a week after he had scarlet fever. The receptionist told her “every mother thinks their child has bad chickenpox” and said that he wouldn’t need to see the doctor.

When the toddler’s fever increased and his symptoms got worse, he was treated with antibiotics, which didn’t help him improve. That’s when Sarah decided to take him to the hospital.

Young Jasper was admitted and ended up spending five days in the hospital with an IV-drip, antibiotics (because the sores from the virus had become infected), anti-viral medication, and morphine.

From the Daily Mail:

‘As we were sat in the waiting room waiting for a bed I could see this redness in his chest spreading all over him before my eyes.

‘We couldn’t hold him for three days because he screamed every time we touched him.

‘It is worse when it’s your own child because all you want is to take the pain away for them, it broke my heart.’

Doctors still do not know why the chickenpox Jasper contracted was so severe and he is undergoing heart scans to make sure there are no lasting effects.

Sarah is now contacting the National Health Service in England to try to get the chickenpox vaccine available for free for all children. Such a vaccine would have helped prevent the suffering that poor Jasper had to undergo and would help countless children in the future.

“I knew I wasn’t being a neurotic mother — I have two children and have run a nursery and seen hundreds of kids with chickenpox before so I knew this wasn’t normal,” she said.

‘They should listen to parents more — we know our babies better than anybody in the world.”

She continued: ‘When Jasper was admitted to hospital, it was scary but I was also relieved I was actually being taken seriously and they were doing something about it.

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