This Family's Genius Bumbo Hack Gave Their Paraplegic Baby the Gift of Mobility

One Canadian family was dealt a tough hand, and what they have done with it is nothing short of remarkable. Not long ago, it was discovered that the Moore’s four-month-old daughter, Evelyn, had a large cancerous mass in her chest that severed her spinal cord. As a result, the baby would be paraplegic and never able to walk. She underwent eight rounds of chemotherapy to help combat the disease. But like any other small child, Evelyn just wants to explore the world around her.

That is when her parents bought a Bumbo seat and added special wheels and a cutting board to it to create a tiny wheelchair for Evelyn. And now? They’re just trying to keep up with their curious daughter! The innovation of this family has given their baby girl the gift of mobility.

Evelyn, who went into remission eight weeks ago, just celebrated her first birthday.

Watch the inspirational video below to see the incredible baby wheelchair the Moore’s created!

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