Is Anyone Surprised? 58% of Kids Can Play Video Games While Only 9% Can Tie Shoes

Most moms and dads these days know that their kids can find their way around a smartphone or tablet with relative ease. My son is two years old (and doesn’t even have much access to my iPhone), and he already knows how to swipe and push a “Play” button  on a video.

NBC’s Today hosts recently talked about a new study that was done by AVG Technologies. It found some pretty unfortunate (albeit unsurprising) information about kids under the age of 5:

  • 58% of kids can play basic computer games
  • 43% can ride a bike
  • 17% can make their own breakfast
  • 9% can tie their shoes

While it’s unclear what kind of breakfasts toddlers might be making (cereal anyone?), it is unfortunate that more young children can play video games than ride bicycles or even tie their own shoes. We all know that it’s easier to hand a kid a phone than to teach him or her to ride a bike, but isn’t that what we parents should be doing? The study is certainly a sign of the times.

Of course some little fingers have trouble with coordination at a young age, so if your kid needs a little help in the shoe-tying department, check out this quick video below that breaks down how to tie shoes simply!