Would Your Kids Be Better Off Having a Scheduled Summer?

Some may argue that kids are too busy these days. Many parents have calendars that could rival that of POTUS, keeping track of and shuttling their kids to countless activities day in and day out. But when the summer months hit, should kids stay active or is it better for them to get a break?

When we were kids, most of us (myself included) didn’t do a whole lot. Sure, some friends went to a couple of weeks of summer camp. I found myself in theater day camp (yes, I was one of those kids) for two weeks. But the rest of the time we woke up late, roamed around the neighborhood, and watched an incredible amount of television. And I turned out just fine. But would I have preferred something more interesting to fill my days? Probably.

Victoria Fedden for ABC News points out that today’s kids are lucky because there actually are a lot of options that exist for them:

Nowadays, there are tons of cool camps and lessons kids can take and, trust me, the children of the ’70s would’ve gladly traded their above-ground pools for a week of circus camp. If cooking classes, painting camp or tennis lessons had been available, you’d better believe we would’ve jumped at the chance to put on some clean culottes and spend our days immersed in new and exciting experiences.

Summer isn’t an excuse to be lazy. I see the time off of school as a different kind of opportunity for learning. Instead of math and spelling, children can focus on specialized skills, like learning how to surf!

On this point, I have to agree. Sure, it’s important to keep up with summer reading and whatever math packets are sent home. But parents should take advantage of all that free time and get their kids involved! Not only will the kids benefit immensely, but it will be easier on the parents, who won’t have to find ways to entertain their children every minute of the day. Plus, it would cut back on screen time in a big way.

What will your kids be doing this summer? Let us know in the comments section!