Father's Raw and Emotional Pregnancy Announcement Is the Best Thing You'll Read Today

Everyone has their pregnancy story. For some, getting pregnant was a “surprise,” while others who try are successful the first time out of the gate. Others, sadly, have to try and try for months (even years), before seeing that plus sign on the home pregnancy test. And then there are others who have to endure miscarriage after miscarriage before being able to carry their baby to term. The whole process can quickly turn from romantic and exciting, to excruciatingly painful (both emotionally and physically.) But when you know that you want a child more than anything, you would move heaven and earth to finally have a viable pregnancy.

Dan Majesky and his wife Leah are pros. They have been through hell and back trying to get pregnant with their first child. They have some odds stacked against them since they are in their late 30s, but they have been doing everything possible to conceive.

Recently Dan shared the beautiful news that he and Leah are finally pregnant and expecting a baby girl in November. But his post is not like any other pregnancy announcement you have ever read. It is raw and real and takes us through every failed attempt and sad (and funny) moment the couple has had to endure over their long process.

Here’s an excerpt from his post:

For Leah, we eventually figured out, this meant a regimen of hormone boosters to facilitate egg production. Are you aware of what happens to people when their hormones go out of the norm? They are not happy. Unless they are happy, in which case, they are very happy. There is no mild. There is no average day. Her job was to feel like her brain and soul were on fire.

My job was to try and not say anything dumb, because she also needed to be calm. I tried to avoid triggering phrases like “Hey,” or “Good morning,” or “I love you,” but I kept fu****g up, and opening my mouth, or allowing Leah to see TV programs, or commercials, to read books, and interact with the world in any way.

The best was when someone would ask her when we were going to have kids. That was just the best.

Reading Dan’s post in its entirety is worth every minute. Jump on the rollercoaster with this couple and step in their shoes for a brief moment. Your heart will go out to them, and everyone who has ever struggled to have a baby.

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