Watch the Incredible Moment When a High School Senior Walks—for the First Time—at Graduation

Micah McDade, a high school senior from Oklahoma, had more than one reason to celebrate this month. Not only did the teenager graduate, but he did something that no one was expecting him to do: walk.

Micah was born with cerebral palsy, and his classmates are used to seeing him get around in his wheelchair. But Micah worked for months learning to walk so that he could do so when he accepted his diploma. And the crowd went wild. His classmates gave him a standing ovation, and he certainly earned it.

Micah’s achievement puts a lot of things in perspective. Something that we can all take for granted – the simple act of walking – can prove difficult for so many. Congratulations to Micah for making two dreams come true at his graduation!

The video below is incredibly inspirational and a real tear-jerker, so get your tissues ready before watching.