Love Drowns Out Hate in Response to Old Navy Ad

Internet trolls are at it again. This time, racists came out of the woodwork to try to shame Old Navy for displaying an interracial family in a recent ad.

In 2016, it is pretty unbelievable how much hate still rears its ugly head when it comes to people’s mixed-race relationships (and the corporations that happily support them). But this time, something beautiful happened on the Internet. Positivity and love overshadowed all the haters. For every ugly, racist comment, there are several supportive comments written to drown out the noise. Even better, people proudly posted photos of their own mixed-race families and relationships. Commenters thanked Old Navy for embracing the reality that is the 21st century. Some even pledged to shop at the retailer in support of its progressive stance. Check out these beautiful families that weighed in: 

But really now, interracial couples shouldn’t be considered “progressive” in this day and age…they should just be the norm. Thanks to Old Navy and other corporations like it, hopefully that will soon be the case.