Amazing! A Blind Boy Gets to See His Mother for the Very First Time

If you don’t have a tissue handy, get one ready before reading any further. Twelve-year-old Christopher Ward, Jr. from Virginia was afflicted with a rare condition as a baby. It left him legally blind. He has fared very well over his short life thus far, and he makes use of special tools to get through his days. He even has a special typewriter that allows him to complete school assignments using braille.

Recently Christopher had the opportunity to try out a new technology called eSight. It is a pair of “glasses” that combines a high-resolution camera with Christopher’s own prescription lenses. The result? He could see his own mother for the first time.

“When I looked at her, she was pretty,” was Christopher’s reaction to his teary-eyed mom.

Of course such an advanced technology isn’t cheap. The pre-teen’s chance at sight was dependent on raising $15,000 to pay for the glasses. But luckily, once his community heard of this rare opportunity, donations started coming in.

The boy and his mother couldn’t be happier.

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