What Kind of Mother Duct Tapes Her Babies and Tries to Sell Them on Facebook?

As someone with a relatively difficult toddler, I can understand any parent’s frustration. Raising kids is incredibly difficult and they can test anyone’s patience. But when things get tough and kids push our buttons, as the adults in the equation, it is imperative that we handle the situation properly — even if that means just stepping out of the room and taking a breath.


One mother in Tennessee recently posted a photo on Facebook which has gotten a lot of negative attention, and rightfully so. She must have had a tough day with her littles, but that doesn’t excuse her behavior. The photo was of her two small daughters with their mouths and hands duct taped. The caption read, “Kids For Sale 45% Off because they bad [sic].”


Memphis police opened an investigation, and the Department of Children’s Services is doing more research before officially investigating the family. A cousin of the woman assured the press that this incident was a practical joke, and that the children are “safe, unharmed, and loved.” But this joke went way too far. No children should have to endure such cruelty, especially at the hands of the one person who is supposed to love them most. And “bad” children should be disciplined appropriately, not humiliated on social media. Shame on this mom for her actions, even if she meant no harm.

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