Did Adam LaRoche Take Things Too Far by Quitting Over Team Not Wanting His Son in the Clubhouse?

Chicago White Sox's Adam LaRoche and his son Drake walk to the White Sox clubhouse. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Not many people know what it’s like to be able to take their kid to work every day. We hear of a lot of celebrities having their babies on set while they’re filming, but very few of the rest of us have the option of bringing our sons and daughters to the office whenever we want (or whenever we don’t have a babysitter). For most jobs, the kids would probably hate it anyway.

It turns out that Adam LaRoche, a player for the Chicago White Sox, recently left his extraordinarily high-paying job as a Major League Baseball player because officials didn’t like that his son was hanging out in the clubhouse for every game. Apparently the issue didn’t stem from the child misbehaving (his son was apparently well-regarded by the team). In fact, it’s not clear what caused the powers-that-be to make the request of LaRoche. The player, instead of choosing to leave his son home from time to time, opted to quit altogether. LaRoche himself had practically grown up in a dugout, since his father had been a professional ballplayer as well.

Ted Berg for USA Today writes:

But at the same time…there aren’t a lot of workplaces where employees can bring their children every single day. And big-league clubhouses can be somewhat salty places full of burly dudes, and perhaps some of the dudes made it clear to team brass that Drake’s constant presence, for whatever reason, made it more difficult for them to endeavor all that’s necessary to prepare for a big-league campaign.

You can’t fault anyone for not wanting a kid hanging around during an intense part of the season. And while I certainly understand LaRoche wanting to be the best dad he can be, aren’t the measures he took a tad bit drastic? Especially for someone who can certainly afford some childcare from time to time?