[WATCH] These Teens Have the BEST Reactions to—Gasp—Windows 95 on a DESKTOP!

It’s funny how quickly we forget things from our past, and how accustomed we can become to current luxuries. Lightning-fast Internet connections and powerful, tiny computers are the norm these days. Our lives rely on this technology to complete everything from important stock trades, to ordering diapers online. But it doesn’t take much for many of us to remember back to a time when those things didn’t happen so easily (if at all) from our personal computers. Ding-ding-ding-ding-shhhh-shhh-shhh-shhhh. Yep, that’s the sound of the dial-up modem initializing and connecting. Remember that?

Recently some unsuspecting teenagers got their very own opportunity to interact with dinosaurs. Not T-Rex, but desktop computers running Windows 95. Oh the horror! In this video, the kids hilariously comment and try to use machines that we all thought were revolutionary at the time. These lucky teens got a taste of what it’s like to wait, and wait, and wait for a computer to boot up, and to have to use America Online to connect to the Internet via a phone line.

“So you have to use your phone to go on the Internet?!” one girl confusedly asked. Another pointed out how important Wi-Fi is today and added, “If you go somewhere and don’t have Wi-Fi, that’s like the worst thing that can ever happen to you.”

Oh, kids. Check out the video in its entirety. It’s worth the trip down memory lane.