Parents Rejoice! There's a New PBS Kids Channel That Will Be on 24/7!

My husband and I limit the amount of television our son watches. We feel it’s better for him to interact with a person as opposed to a screen. However, there are those times when we need a break from the Melissa and Doug talking puzzles and battery-operated train that just goes ’round and ’round the 6” track. When those moments arise, it’s “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” or “Dinosaur Train” to the rescue! Now, there is a fair bit of “children’s” programming that can be found on Disney or Nickelodeon, but PBS has always been my natural go-to for smart, educational TV. What can I say? I grew up on Sesame Street, and was happily Mr. Rogers’ neighbor.

Recently, PBS announced that they will be launching a 24-hour channel dedicated to children’s programming; a channel that will allow the programming to reach a broader audience and help educate more children around the country:

The 24/7 broadcast could provide additional educational content to the millions of households where kids lack Internet access. The continuous stream of kids’ shows will also be available to digital users tapping into PBS online or via a smart device.…

When the new channel launches, kids will be able to watch programs designed for them after school and during prime time — times of day when many children wind up in front of a television. Currently, PBS requires its member stations to provide seven hours of children’s content per day, but much of it is concentrated in a morning block.

I have one word for this: Hallelujah! For those times when our son gets to plant himself in front of the TV there will now be more variety and smarter programming teaching him valuable lessons. Now there’s no chance he’ll end up watching anything I saved for myself in my DVR. (No toddler needs Real Housewives after all…!)