Great Books For Your Budding Reader

Luckily, when I was growing up, reading was heavily encouraged. I loved to pour through books. My husband, not so much. This isn’t to say he’s poorly read. But the fact that he can still recite the theme from the cartoon Voltron 20+ years later does say something about how he spent his free time. FYI, I wouldn’t know what a Voltron was if I stepped on one.

When our son was born, my husband and I made a pact that we’d rather he enjoy the written word and not the best cartoons Japan has to offer. Right from the get-go we read to him, and requested our families buy books as gifts instead of trinkets and stuffed animals. Classics like the “Frog and Toad” series or The Cat in the Hat or Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar were read over and over. Neil Gaiman’s Chu’s Day is a particular favorite. Each new book is an adventure for our son and we love watching him soak up the new stories.

We’re always on the lookout for new books, so when I heard about these 26 new recommended books from Read Brightly, I got very excited.

Fall brings with it many things — back to school shopping, fading tans, alarm clocks, routines, homework, chilly temperatures, darker evenings, and warmer dinners. Fall is something else as well. It’s the time of picture books, in time for classroom story time, “just right reading levels,” accelerated reading quizzes, and bedtime procrastination.

We’re talking about new books by Philip and Erin Stead, Aaron Reynolds and Steve Antony! Devon Corneal notes that “[i]maginary friends make an appearance, as do inquisitive animals, demanding monsters, and curious children. If you want touching or funny or unusual or classic, there’s something here to pique your interest.”

So, hooray for the new batch of books for your little one. There’s nothing wrong with Voltron, Defender of the Universe… loved by good, feared by evil. Nothing. But I’d rather our son to be versed in Dante, Milton, Shakespeare…and of course, Eric Carle.