Terrifying: Volunteer Filmed Children Engaged in 'Vile Sexual Acts' on School Grounds

Writing about this particular topic is especially difficult as a parent. An elementary school volunteer was recently arrested for filming children engaged in “vile sexual acts” on school grounds. To say that this is disturbing to no end would be an understatement. What kind of person preys on children? And, more importantly, how does this kind of person gain access to schools?

There is nothing more precious than our children. One can’t help but consider the worst: What if my son were one of those kids preyed upon? What if my daughter were in those videos? The thought is unbearable.

According to NBC Washington:

Police, who are being assisted by the FBI, said they found about 40 videos showing 10 victims ages 9-13 performing sex acts with each other or alone. Some of the videos were shot in the school restrooms, court documents say. Carraway can be seen in one video molesting a child, according to the documents. In other videos, he can be heard directing the victims.

As my son grows up, my husband and I will do everything in our power to protect him from this kind of predator. We hope that the choices we make now while he’s still a toddler will allow him to grow up with a strong enough sense of right and wrong. Ideally, he will be aware enough to communicate when something isn’t right – to trust his gut and talk to us if something happens. One can only wish that the children involved in this incident are receiving the proper care now that it has been brought to light.