Oh, If Only 'Dad Bod Ken' Were Real!

For years (decades even), women everywhere have been waiting for Mattel to come to terms with the fact that real females are not, in any way, shaped like Barbie. (A real-life Barbie would stand at 5’9″ with 39-18-33 dimensions.) Women have continuously and unfairly been compared to her in everything from the international media to local dive bars. Now that Barbie is also available in tall, short, and curvy, it is high time we shift our focus to her tan, toned, metrosexual partner, Ken.

With the exception of a few fame-hungry reality TV stars, most men probably don’t give a second thought to the fact that they can’t attain the same body type as Ken. But how great would it be if our new, realistic Barbie had a hubby like the rest of us? With some thinning hair, or perhaps even a spare tire. Besides, looks fade, right? It’s what’s inside that counts.