These Precious Custom-Made Shirt Pillows Let Us Hug Loved Ones Who Are No Longer With Us

As anyone who’s had a loved one pass away or be far away knows, just touching a familiar piece of clothing can evoke strong memories. A British company wants to make that experience possible every day.

Located in Droitwitch Spa, a town in northern Worcestershire, England, Fabratastic UK is a tailoring service that creates custom “memory cushions” made from shirts worn by a distant or deceased person in your life.

It also affixes a patch with a personal message.

To get a pillow made and shipped to the U.S. costs about $45, and payment is made through PayPal.

Due to demand, new orders closed last October, but reportedly Fabratastic is starting to take orders again in 2016.

Here are a couple more of their designs:


All images are from Fabratastic’s Facebook page.