A Doe Photobombs a Baby Shoot – And She’s a Pro at It

A doe named Maggie – recognizable by the notches on her ears – loves the limelight. She lives in Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff, Louisiana, where the locals know her friendly ways.

One of these locals is Megan Rion, owner of Imagine That Photography by Megan Rion, and her specialty is shooting children and newborns. Speaking to ABC affiliate, Rion said that, since the beginning of the summer, Maggie has wandered into six different photo shoots.

Rion told WGNO, “She shows up for 5-15 minutes then strolls on her way.”

In October, Rion was doing a photoshoot with one-month-old baby Conner – perched on a hay bale surrounded by gourds, leaves and corn – when Maggie glided into the scene. A tender shot of a sleeping infant suddenly turned into pure magic.

Maggie-and-Conner-Imagine-That-Photography-by Megan-Rion

Conner’s mother captured the moment on video.

To local Fox affiliate WJGW, Rion said, “My assistant took part of our set-up, an ear of corn, to coax her to look straight. Not only did she look my way, she came calmly walking towards baby Conner and our set-up. I got a couple shots, then we were done.”

Maggie seems especially fond of children who offer to feed her, although Rion suspects in this case, it wasn’t so much Conner as the produce around him that caught the doe’s interest.

On her Facebook page, Rion has even posted a photo album of Maggie’s appearances.