Hidden Mic Catches Chicago Cubs Star Anthony Rizzo Apologizing to MLB Umpire


Anthony Rizzo, first baseman for the Chicago Cubs, is an all-around nice guy and recently demonstrated that with the power of an apology. Rizzo disagreed with a call home plate umpire Angel Hernandez made during the seventh inning of a National League Championship Series game last week against the Los Angeles Dodgers, and did something that may be surprising to some: He apologized.

During his next at-bat Rizzo told Hernandez, “My fault on that.”

Hernandez responded, “Your fault for what, brother? Come on, you’re good, bro. You’re awesome with us. No, no worries. You’re competing. I understand. Don’t worry. You know what’s best of it? You come back and tell me that. That’s how good of a guy you are.”

What a great example for kids. It’s difficult for some children to apologize and oftentimes the apology isn’t genuine, so seeing an adult apologize when he was wrong sends a powerful message. It says “I am humble and empathetic to another person and my ego is in check.” Recognizing when you’ve wronged another person shows strength and character—virtues children learn when taught from an early age.

Rizzo owned his mistake. Hernandez happily accepted his apology—graciously, which shows a willingness to forgive, also an important lesson for kids to learn. Forgiveness is good for the soul and is just as important as the apology.

Good job, fellas, on being such good role models. The Chicago Cubs are battling my Cleveland Indians for the World Series title this week! Go Tribe!

Watch the video of Rizzo’s apology and the umpire’s gracious words on the next page.

Watch the video on the next page.