Father Who Followed School Bus in Clown Mask Will Be Charged With Disorderly Conduct


Enough with the creepy clowns already! A father in Massachusetts is going to be charged with disorderly conduct after he decided it would be funny to put on a scary clown mask and follow his child’s school bus. He had children so terrified that they were hiding under a backyard deck.

The police commented on their Facebook page saying, “We are hopeful that others will learn from this incident and not repeat these types of behaviors.”

There have been reports of scary clown sightings in several states over the last few months, leaving parents and children terrified. Some have turned out to be hoaxes and others very credible threats.

The first time I heard about a clown sighting was over in Northampton, England, a few years back. I remember thinking “how incredibly creepy.” The clown didn’t do anything to anyone, he just sort of appeared in unsuspecting places holding balloons.

Now we have children reporting clowns trying to lure kids into the woods with money in places like South Carolina. A complete timeline of all the mayhem can be read here.  Many people have a phobia of clowns, and who can blame them, considering that one of the world’s most notorious killers, John Wayne Gacy, was an actual killer clown.

No doubt parents should take all of these threats very seriously, especially with Halloween around the corner. Talk to your children about “stranger danger” from an early age to ensure they know how to handle a scary situation.