Stupid Move: Teens Set Themselves on Fire to Get More Likes on Facebook


Some teens have really crazy and dangerous ideas about what fun is—and some, unfortunately, have been captured on the Internet for the whole world to see. From the dangers of suffocating during the “condom challenge” to dying from the “choking game,” some kids don’t make wise choices for themselves.

Video has recently surfaced of kids in Russia setting themselves on fire in order to receive more likes on Facebook. According to the Daily Mail, they apparently took the idea from a blogger. “We made a bet with our friends and jumped off the bridge. We wanted to get a lot of views,” said one of the teens.

The startling footage shows a teen being doused in some sort of liquid that is flammable and a friend taking a lighter to his clothes. As the flames take over his body, the boy jumps from the bridge into the waters below, emerging (presumably) unharmed.

Similar thrill seeking videos have emerged over the years, including one of a pair that scaled the Eiffel Tower with no safety equipment in windy conditions in broad daylight, undetected by security. Other videos of kids setting themselves on fire and dropping into snow have circulated as well.

One could say these kids aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, and are very lucky they didn’t scar themselves for life or kill themselves.

Check out terrifying drone footage of the thrill-seekers who scaled the Eiffel Tower on the next page.