Nearly 2 Dozen Officers Show Up to See Fallen Comrade's Kids Off to First Day of School


Our men and women in blue put their lives on the line every time they put on the uniform. They understand that it could mean making the ultimate sacrifice in exchange for the safety of a community they love, serve, and protect.

As children everywhere are starting back to school, one family’s experience will never be the same. Jessica Scherlen’s three children didn’t have their dad to take them to school for the first time in their lives. Justin Scherlen, a police officer for the Amarillo Police Department in Texas, passed away earlier this month from complications related to massive injuries received in the line of duty.

On this bittersweet first day of school, the family received a very special surprise that has hearts melting. Almost two dozen of Justin’s fellow APD officers arrived at the children’s school to escort them to class and to give them hugs.

APD public information officer Jeb Hilton told ABC News, “It was a complete surprise. The kids were very excited and emotional.”

It was an exceptionally special day for the Scherlens’s 4-year-old son Jackson because it was his first day of school ever. Daniel Smith, who is a fellow APD police officer, said, “I’d give it all back just to have Justin here with his son. At least we can be here for him and let Jackson know that he always has someone to call on.”

Jessica Scherlen knows her husband would be amazed at how his fellow officers have gone out of their way for their family, saying he “would be very proud of how his brothers and sisters have stepped up to be here.” She added that it is “awesome to see” that her family was “still loved by the blue family and that they still care.”

This is a treasured memory that these lovely children will remember and appreciate their entire lives. It shows the loyalty that the brothers and sisters in blue share with one another and demonstrates just how caring officers continue to be. It’s one of the many reasons we love our men and women in blue!