Confessions of a Pokémom

I have a confession to make to my readers: maybe it’s the gamer in me, but I love Pokémon Go, and I don’t care who knows it! I was never a fan of the original game, but it’s fun finding these little monsters! I am on the yellow team (Team Instinct) and my 5-year-old and I love the “adventures” (as he calls them), that we go on together to see if he can beat his older brother and sister for a rare find.

I watch happily as groups of kids that I have never seen before come riding through our neighborhood on their bikes, getting fresh air and exercise as they play the game. (Of course, as with any technology, I am of the opinion it still needs to be in moderation.)

Thousands of kids are leaving their video consoles behind and taking to the streets to play this enormously popular game. But kids aren’t the only ones obsessed with catching a Poliwrath or a Dragonite. Moms and dads (like myself) are also joining the rage.

Angie from Largo, Florida, told Daily Dot she enjoys playing Pokemon Go with her family, but will go out solo when her son isn’t in the mood saying, “When my son doesn’t want to go, I go without him, but more often than not, we are together as a family.” Angie is among the thousands of Pokémoms (and dads) who are joining in the fun that is helping to bring families together. There are several Facebook groups popping up that are designed just for moms and dads who love the game. They talk strategy and offer tips for when your screen freezes just as you about to catch a Pokemon.

The app received over 10 million downloads in just the first week and may make an estimated $3 billion in sales over the next year or two and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you are a fan or not, you have to admit, that’s impressive!