Shocker: Mother Beats Teenage Daughter and Live-Streams It to Facebook

What do you do when your teenage daughter posts provocative photos of herself online? Well for one Georgia mother, the obvious answer was to give her daughter a beating and tape it for all of Facebook to see.

The mother, who is being identified as Shanavia Miller, beat her 16-year-old daughter with a piece of plywood and yelled such things as “you nasty as hell” for posting a photo of herself wearing only a towel. The 5-minute video was filmed by another person in the house and then live-streamed to the daughter’s Facebook page.

Miller can be seen screaming and hitting the daughter as the young teen cowers in the corner. “You want to try me huh…You want to have this boy in my f***ing house…Then you’re on Facebook in towels and s***,” she yelled.

The plywood breaks, so Miller continues, using her hands. The teen tries to rationalize her actions by saying, “We were not in your house.” Miller then slaps her in the face.

On July 24, it appears Miller had taken over her daughter’s Facebook page in an attempt to defend her actions. She wrote:

I love my daughter with all my heart what ever happens after this o well my daughter is not going to disrespect me or herselffor nobody that s*** Bernie Mac !!! Ain’t nothing change she still my baby girl 100. lesson learned now have a blessed day.

I love my daughter with all my heart what ever happens after this o well my daughter is not going to disrespect me or…

Posted by Nia Green on Saturday, July 23, 2016

The daughter also took to Facebook shortly after to defend her mother and her actions.

First Off I Shouldn’t Embarrassed My Moma, I Love Her . Yes this is me… I Shouldn’t even been doing what i did. No i didn’t have vari in my house when she said not to . I was at his house . I’m only 16 yrs old . I was gonna open up and tell her that i was having sex . I was just gonna wait a couple days to see how i was gone tell her.

 She continued on with,

I understand why she did what she did . Everybody laughing and making reenactments. Sharing my pictures i’m seeing everything. I did go to the hospital only because i have (anxiety) attacks & real bad head ache . I embarrassed my moma so she embarrassed me . I’m not defending the live video cas when school start next week all eyes on me . I’m at work all eyes on me . I know next time to just keep my business to myself.

First Off I Shouldnt Embarrassed My Moma , I Love Her . Yes this is me . Niaaa . I Shouldnt even been doing what i did….

Posted by Nia Green on Sunday, July 24, 2016

 The teen told police she feels safe being in the home. Savannah police have not charged the mother, but did refer it to the child welfare department.

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What do you think about the mother’s actions? Warranted or criminal?